Monday, April 30, 2012

Roll It, Part II

Rolling up to a light yesterday I came up behind this truck loaded with  cans and containers.  The sign on the back of it made me smile.

Perhaps it's a partnership or the names of the big cans!

I don't know about you, but I've had my own AB NORM AL day, laying low with a cold, I'd scream but it would make my throat hurt more.

If you had an AB NORM AL day I sure hope it was in a good way.

Happy Monday (evening!)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Boy

Our Grandson Colby is two fingers high today!

So sweet and fresh, how could we possibly know what a little charmer you would grow up to be. 

Aunty Cathy working her magic with the little bebe in a basket!

Colby just a few days ago, waiting for Facetime with Bupa and Nanny!  Look at that smile!

Smiley, loves anything with wheels (hint, hint on your Birthday present!), waves at everyone, loves his baby sister, always showering her with kisses and smiles.  Learned to walk at our house last Summer-that was fun! Runs around like a little pony. Loved so much by all of the family. Brings great joy to all of us.  Our Colby, our 2 year old, our blessing.

Happy Birthday Colby, "Bupa" and Nanny love you very much.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roll It!

I am always attracted to what goes on vehicles in the way of advertising.  Three examples.

I didn't know Hell's Gate was a beer, err, Lager. I always thought it was a tourist attraction in the Fraser Canyon.  Well I guess both will get you high and/or sick!

I have to admit, I could never work for this auto parts company. That big, ugly yellow hat on top, tops it off for me!

My favourite to date, Morrison's Cafe in Ocean Park.  Love this ramblin Rambler!

Well that's enough ramblin for me today.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Driving Through the Parking Lot

Walking through the high school parking lot we came upon a large group of kids watching ahe remote controlled car race towards them.  Each time it came near, there we gales of laughter.  It was fun to watch them all.

This particular time it flipped over

As we race towards the weekend, I hope you find some time to sit down and take time to enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't Sit Here, Not Yet!

It's amazing to me how often I plan on doing such and such and year after sad year, it doesn't get done.

Prime example . . .
this old wooden chair. 

I always loved the shape of the back of this chair, and the colour of it.  The blue portion that is.  I think this is the year to haul it out of the shed out back and bring it back to life. Perhaps if I volunteer to strip it, My Beloved will glue it and brace it and make it safe for me to sit on.  Wish me luck!

I sure hope your projects don't sit on the shelf too long, like mine do that is!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere

Hiding ourselves under our umbrellas, we got to the corner and spied this.

Fire hydrant clearing time. 

My bet is  that the ducks in the park down the road were very happy with the huge puddles left behind!

It is always amazing to me that you don't have to step foot too far out your front door before you have a picture to share.

I wonder what picture you would share with me if I asked you.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

This Is Dedicated

"This is dedicated to someones I love."  Sorry about the play on words that is really not accurate to the song.  You see, when something pops into my head I just can't shake it!  Most especially songs and titles.  In my head, the volume of this song was LOUD until I put it down on this Blog!

I snapped this picture today for three family members. 

For TDM, just because!
For CNE, for the E8s!
For AEM for the 911!

I sure hope you didn't experience emergencies of any kind today.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Hallmark Birthday - 90!!

Today the entire family, that is my Brother's family and ours, descended on My Beloved's and my Sister-In-Law's Mom, Oma's to our children, home, to help her celebrate her 90th Birthday!

This picture says it all.

When I saw this picture after it was downloaded, I was just delighted.  You see, our oldest Grandson Cameron took pictures for me for a while and this one is his!   I think photography runs in the E8's genes!   This was the very best one of all of the photographs taken today.  Way to go Cameron.

I am hoping you too had a happy surprise today.

Happy Sunday indeed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Same, Same, Only Different

When I was setting up yesterday's Blog I tried unsuccessfully to find the picture posted below.

Love little Colby's shoes tucked in the middle of mom's flip flops and dad's new Adidas!

"Walk a mile in my shoes".

Wishing you a glorious Saturday.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Walk a Mile or Eight in Her Shoes!

I took this picture at our daughter Cathy's house. 

I just love the organization it takes to have this happen.  When you are a mommy to six, I believe it can be either chaotic or organized.  The day I visited, it was organized! While she'd be the first to admit it is not always so, as the picture below attests, she does amazing things.

If Cathy can do it, then so can I!  I'm going to post this blog and go get at least one thing organized.  Sure hope you don't need as much organization as I do.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun With Dick and Jane

When I was a little girl in school we used to have these readers, Fun with Dick and Jane, as well as a series of books with Puff (the cat) and Spot (the dog), Mother and Father and Sally (baby) and Dick (brother) and Jane (sister).  They got into all sorts of hijinks, and all the while we actually learned to read.  I still have one of those little red readers.

Today I bring you hijinks with My Beloved.  It was for me truly a Fun with Dick and Jane kind of walk.

Look Dick look, an abandonded razor.

See Dick. See Dick Ride.

Somebody probably stole, then abandonded, this Razor Scooter up where we often perch.  Somebody had to try it out, and somebody had a camera to document the ride!
See Dick.  See Dick Smile!

After an exciting trip on the Razor we continued on our way, until we came to a tree.

Look Dick look a tree. A tree with a big hole in the bottom of it!  A hole big enough to crawl into.

 See Dick.  See Dick crawl inside the tree!

See Dick. See Dick Smile!

See Jane.  See Jane smile right back at Dick!

I hope you had a Dick and Jane moment or two today too and that you laughed or acted like a kid again.

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On a day of at least 20 telephone calls, one of which was to Telus, our telephone/internet provider, Telus came to fix our telephone line. 

Talk about excellent customer service, I called about 9:30 and a technician was at our door by 4:05!  Line all fixed, I believe.  Thank you Andrew.

!This one is for you Ron M.!
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Going Up

Some months ago, I showed you a picture of a Pepto-Bismal coloured truck dropping off sand. Since then they have been very busy on the site, and today for the first time we can see it taking shape. It has a monster sized footprint compared to the sweet little bungalow that stood there for so many years.

I love seeing through all of the north facing windows and so will the new owners too I'd imagine.

As a bit of a footnote, when they demolished the bungalow, in came a crew of tree removers, and I mean removers.  "Would you believe", to quote the phrase of Agent 99, Maxwell Smart, that they took away so many trees it filled a logging truck.  That's alotta wood!

I sure hope whatever "plans" you had today worked out just the way you'd hoped.

Happy Monday.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

65 Gets Better and Better

Today I celebrated the big 65 with my Sis and my Mom.   My Sis is such a sweetie, she plans the lunch surprise local, picks me up and drives us all to the destination! 

When I say drive, I mean drive, we drove out to Aldergrove, we drove through beautiful downtown Langley, we drove down Highway 10, we drove down Highway 15, we drove down 16th Avenue, to South Surrey, and stopped by a "turkey" place where my sister gets all of her turkeys from, which happened to be across the street on King George Highway from a Curiosity Shoppe, that was there when we were little kids and apparently used to go into, although I don't remember doing that.  The original owner was from Kelowna, and had moved to "White Rock" back in the day, and lo and behold, the little place is still there, still open.  Long story longer, we drove for over an hour, until . . .

We arrived at today's adventure destination, which was The Roadhouse Grille in South Surrey.

I had heard from my mom many a time, how wonderful this place was, retro arbourite tables and chairs, all sorts of wonderful memorabilia and delicious food!  She was so right.

 The planners and driver my wonderful dates for lunch!

When we arrived we were taken to our table. As soon as you walk into the Retro Dining Room your eyes jump here, your eyes jump there.  So many wonderful things on the walls.  While my eyes were scanning the room I hear the word "SURPRISE" and I thought to myself, I thought, wow a great place for a get-together, not thinking that the "SURPRISE" WAS FOR ME!   Who was sitting there with cameras and smiles and balloons, but our 3 daughters.  They got me, and got me good.  What started off as a super afternoon, turned into a spectacular afternoon! Dang, they all know how to keep a secret that's a fact.

 Amy and Mom

 Madeleine, Cathy and April

Happy, Happy, Happy Me with Amy and my Mom

 The balloons tied to the back of my chair

 Self-timer picture, thanks to Amy's superlative skills!

I am well and truly loved! 

Wow, ladies, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for today.  I am feeling the love and I love you all right back!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can See Clearly Now

The other day our daughter and husband had new windows put in.  Just as I was driving by their home, the Apex Window gents were putting the old kitchen window into the truck.


About two hours later I came home to this.  They were already set in, awaiting the final details.

My son-in-law Nick admiring the view from the outside.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun with an "etch-a-sketch"

After Kindergarten yesterday my Granddaughter Abby was wondering what she could do instead of watching "something on TV", so I handed her this little magnetic sketcher and asked her to draw me something.

First she drew a frame then divided it into 4 parts.  I asked her what she was going to draw, and she said, "things I don't like".   This is what she drew and it cracked me up.

From left to right, on the top:
A stinky apple core   A Skunk (smiling skunk!)

On the bottom:
A candle "because you can get burned"    
Poo! (amazing that she can spell that already!)

What a little character she is.

She also created a pattern at school today, drawing Butterflies and Rainbows.  See if you are as smart as Kindergartner!  Can you figure out the pattern?

Meanwhile, little Brother Hudson was very busy with his barnyard friends.

But not before he dipped his little Easter Bunny in the ketchup.

Or before Nanny washed his beautiful little face.
Same, Same, only different!
I love how he posed with his arms behind his head.

I had a wonderful visit with these lovely Grandchildren yesterday.  Only trouble is, I miss their smiles and funnies terribly today.

I wonder what you'd be drawing on an "etch-a-sketch" today if I handed you one.  Have fun thinking them up, in fact, draw them out right now and message me with your 4 picture ideas.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucky Me!

I spent last night at our Daughter April's house.  I had a wonderful time visiting with April and the kiddies.  Lots of love and smiles from all of them and from her Beloved, Nick when he arrived home after his job took him away overnight.

When I arrived home as I was putting my purse down on the stairs I looked left into our living room and what to my woundrous eye did appear ...

T H I S ! ! ! !

My Beloved painted this picture of the beautiful roses he gave me for my 65th Birthday.  They are so beautiful, and now they will live on forever.  How lucky can a "girl" get?

The originals!

Thank You honey, I'll treasure it and you can be sure it won't be going in the "give-aways".

As I write this, I am hoping that you too had something lucky happen to you, be it a parking spot at the front door of a busy mall, or coming home to find the unexpected, as in my case a beautiful painting. 

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today My Beloved and I did a three mile walk.  Yesterday we took the same path and I kid you not, these were not in bloom.   Yesterday, a sunny, warm day brought out the finest in everyone and everything.

 In addition to being so lovely, these have the most amazing scent

 The combo shot!

I took this one because it was such a lovely colour!

It doesn't take much to make me happy, ha ha, but coming across these blooming shrubs did the trick.

Mother Nature's bouquets, I hope you find an eyeful of them today too.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Turkey Soup for the Soul

Eating turkey dinner is wonderful especially when you share it with loved ones.  Also excellent is a pot of turkey soup with the leftovers.  I've got it on the stove as I blog this and it smells divine.  My Beloved loves soups so I know he'll be a very happy man to slurp some of this when it's ready.

In the meantime, it's simmering away, waiting for the carrots and onions and noodles and cauliflower!

A feast in the making.

I hope your feast hits the spot too.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happiness Is ...

Thank you to all of our daughters and chosen sons for giving us these 11 Beautiful Grandchildren.

Picture taken by Cathy Empey under very tricky conditions-- bright sunshine, lots of kids and limited patience on kid's part.  You are amazing!!!

The whole gang is here!  Love this picture, thank you Amy for setting up the timer and capturing us all.  It's a keeper!

I am counting my Easter Blessings.

Happy Easter