Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ladies who Lunch

This post is very late today because I've been out spending a wonderful day with my beautiful Winnipeg Cousin.  I have just said a sad farewell to her as she makes her way back to her hotel before taking her leave of BC tomorrow morning.

Its' been a year since I last saw she and her sis, but we picked right up where we left off like it was just yesterday. It's funny isn't it, how you just click with someone, family or not.  Times zones and distances and infrequent visits can't diminish what we share.  That's a beautiful thing.  

We started out the late morning in White Rock, lunching with my Mom, Mel's last living Aunty.  Our mothers were sisters.  We then travelled to Surrey, then to our home in The Grove so she and My Beloved could have a wee visit.  He took off on a Tuesday evening bike ride, and Mel and I were left to cover almost any topic you'd care to mention, including our love of reading, comparing reads, and the piles of books we have waiting for us.

All in all, a very special day with a very special Cousin.

The server at the restaurant took this picture of us.

 A Very Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's Medley

Today Cathy and the kids, My Beloved and I, dropped Cameron off in New West, the mustering station for leaving for Confirmation Camp.  He was excited, but also a little nervous.  It's a big day for him, leaving home knowing sort of what to expect, but not really.  After everyone struggled with suitcases, pillows, guitars, you name it, they were finally off to catch the ferry and travel up island to their destination.  We wish them all well, and hope that the cousellors and the pastors get some sleep.  We know the food is going to be delish!  That the kids will come home with wonderful stories and great memories.

Our Young Man, Cameron.  We say goodbye 12 year old and welcome home TEENAGER!
 One last hug from Momma . . .
and off they go!

When we found out that Cameron was leaving on a weekday, rather than a weekend when his Daddy would be going along, we invited ourselves along for the goodbyes.  After the happy campers left, we all headed over to Hume Park in New Westminster.  Our families used to have their annual summer picnic there.  So many happy memories, from so very long ago.

I believe this is picture is from the last time we all got together there.

 Ooops, cut off Caroline's foot on the soccer ball!

 The beautiful Momma, our Original!

(This is a two for one shot, can't find the original to rescan)  The bottom picture was taken at Hume Park.

Our vision of the renactment photo!

I hope your Monday has moments of happy memories.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Days

Our daughter Amy and her husband Tyler took some time for  themselves to attend Amy's high school reunion. 

This is them as they were in the car ready to roll!

Amy posted both of these pictures on Facebook (so I borrowed them!) 

Gosh how can you look younger and even more beautiful than 20 years ago honey?

While they were having a mini-vaycay, Nanny and Bupa had the fun of being with the little blond, blue-eyed babes.  Here are some pictures from our time in Vancouver.

With little ones you do alot of eating and playing them out.  Both days we took them to the same park and did the same things.  I sat with little Annie, while Bupa took off after Colby.

Swing Time!

I love this picture of Colby by the climbing rock with the crow right behind him on the picnic table.

Little sis watching her big brother.  That little blond tuft of hair is to die for!

 Bathtime, then bedtime.  Time for Nanny and Bupa to catch a snooze on the couch!

Good Morning Sunshine!

 Tummy time on Bupa. 

Colby was having fun dropping down on Bupa's belly and laughing his head off!  Good thing My Beloved is in good shape is all I'm saying.

Back to the park with a few little snacks and drinks on a glorious Sunday morning.

Then home we go for a wash up, lunch, another wash up, a change of clothes and a nap to happily awake to Mommy and Daddy's return.

Miss you Colby and Annie.  Thanks for the lovely weekend!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring them "Golden" Bells, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring them "Golden" Bells

Yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m., the bells in the City of London pealed exuberantly to mark the beginning day of the 30th Olympic Games.  Big Ben rang 30 times, church bells across the city were rung, and people rang their own bells, all in great celebration.  It must have sounded awesome.  If I'd have been there, I would have clanged on my cow bell, because you can never have enough cow bell!

Coincidence of coincidences, I tapped on a huge and  wonderful bell today, totally unaware of the significance of this action on this day.  Even just taping on it with my finger, it had such a fine, rich sound.  I can only image how wonderful and loud it must sound housed in a tower.

This beauty is waiting for a bell tower to call home.  I sure hope it gets one, one day soon, it needs to be rung.

What rang your chimes today, huh?

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Thirsty!

Walking home yesterday I noticed that our muni has a great new way to water newly planted trees.

Isn't it fantastic?

I don't know about you, but when new trees are planted and they start drying out, I get very annoyed.  Harumphing to My Beloved about, why plant a little tree if you've no plan in place to keep it alive?  Now each little tree can sport a green vest filled with water! 

Way to go inventor, and thank you!

Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Setting Up

A few days ago I told you I was volunteering in our church office.  The main duty for me has been to produce this Sunday's Bulletin. 

I am also responsible this week for keeping the mail moving, answering telephones, photocopying and responding to e-mails.   I remember doing  alot of these things from my previous life as the Office Administrator in our church.  The cool thing is, there is someone who folds the bulletins, so I didn't  even have to do that.  That, an hundreds of other things that the full-time secretary does and does so well. 

One thing that I had to to do was put up Sunday's Hymn Numbers.  I don't know why, but I love doing that.  Perhaps the organized way in which all of the numbers are segregated into their own units.  Or, how they feel.   Or, picking them out and putting them in order.  Or, centering them on the hymn board. It must remind me of something fun, but I'm afraid I can't tell you just what it is that makes it such an enjoyable task.  

 The well worn box

 Pick me, pick me!

Oh yes, this task sure takes me back a piece. I sure hope I got them all right or else I've caused some major confusion!  I hope you've relived something nice today too.

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Church Chat"

Have you ever seen the old  Dana Carvey, Church Lady skits on Saturday Night Live?  Hilariously funny, and he/she always ended with a happy dance.  Well, in my pre-retirement life, I too was a church lady, yet I was no where near as funny!  For the remainder of the week, a couple of hours a day, I'm back doing my gig while our hard working Office Administrator takes a well-deserved vaction!

 "Well, isn't that special!"

Real Life

Being back in a church office sure brings back alot of wonderful memories only this time I don't have a boat load of responsibilities.  Can't say I mind that either.  Life is good.

I sure hope your boat load isn't too overwhelming and that you are able to sail on!

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Photo Finish

Photo Finish

The joke's was all of us, myself included, because I was still driving back to the Fort for the big cowbell ringing, cheering, clapping, whoo-whooing, photo taking finish when you know who arrived 45 minutes earlier than he thought he would! 

My Beloved done good, he done real good!

Amy and Tyler and the kids were in the vacinity when his name was announced over the loudspeaker, but they didn't see him arrive either.

Meanwhile, standing at the corner of 264th and 64th, was the cheering E8 Squad.  Waiting to cheer The Diezel on as he rode uphill towards the last 10km. 

Um, back in the van kids he's loooooong gooooooone!

Our daughter Amy finally caught up with her Dad and took the "official" picture.

He looks even better in this picture than he did in the one I took 160 km back!

I finally arrived and after a phone call, found them all together. I was delighted to see that our friends Vera and Earl were there, and they actually cheered him in.  (That was because they didn't have an estimated ETA!)

After hugs (and tears on my part), we collected our Man of the Hour and headed back to our house for a little celebration.

 You worked mighty hard for that beautiful medal!

After watching the Tour deFrance, I noticed that they often had banners over the road, which gave me the idea to make this to cheer on our riding Hero.  Love that construction paper!  Everyone added a greeting.

 The champagne of Beers! Cheers, you worked hard for that!

 Cameron took many of these pictures, thanks Cameron!

The actual witness to The Diezel's great success!

 Photographic proof of how close Cathy came to the white Bocce.

 Our Gnomes took a beating today!

 Another Gnome "reinactment!"
The E6 Base being set up by former Richmond High Colt Cheerleader!

 All fall down go boom!

What a marvellous day.

And the results?  Let's see, 

98th overall
3rd out of 29 in the 60-69 age category
riding  a pace of 31.8 km per hour
94th out of 333 males
all in a time of 5:02:11:4! 
W o w!
You have now been renamed:
Happy Monday.