Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Scary Business

This morning during the pelting down rain I looked out the window and saw this ~

Yikes!  I can't believe he's wearing a kilt on a day like this!

No, I was so worried that he'd fall off and then I'd see what was under that kilt!

No, I'm not like that.  I was really worried that this young man would fall off the roof period.  Thankfully he made it down onto terra firma, wet but unscathed. 

Happy Saturday.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Guess where we went today?  I'll give you a second.  The title of today's blog is a huge clue!

If you guessed Ikea, then ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

You can spend hours there, and believe me, the way they stream you through there, well you and I both know it, that's exactly what they want you to do. When I go with My Beloved, he's not that keen on doing that, so I had to solomly promise I would stick to my list.  I was good.  I even found shortcuts for us to walk through.  Now, had I gone with one or all of our daughters, we'd be dreaming, touching, sitting, visualizing, plotting, squeezing and everything else.  We'd have hours of good times as we travelled through the entire store. 

I loved this red wall of Poang chairs at the entrance to the Coquitlam store.  These reasonably priced chairs are super comfortable to sit and rock a sleepy little baby on. (not while they are mounted on the wall!) I know this much to be true as I've done just that more than a few times with many of our Grands.  Heck I nearly put myself to sleep on them.

Today's purchases, nothing to write home about, nonetheless, I am delighted with my finds. 

I must say, that though our visit wasn't terribly long, I too had a good time with My Beloved.  He even found me a lovely hanging lamp for my "office, come children's dining room"!

We put our purchases in our trunk, returned to the store and dined on the tasty meatballs with ligonberry sauce and mashed potatoes.  All in all a mighty fine way to pass the time with someone I know and love.

On the cusp of the Canada Day long-weekend, I hope your plans include someone you love to pass away the time with.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today I had lunch with my sweet Momma and her friend "M", and a wee while later who showed up by my Sis!  So today's blog could be called ladies who lunch, but really it's about friendship.

You see, after my Dad passed away, my Mom was lonely.  While she was undergoing some message therapy she found out that the massage therapist was running yoga classes in the neighbourhood.  Mom signed up, one thing led to another and first thing you know, she joined the local gym.  It was at this gym that she met the delightful "M". 

They hit it off right away.  They signed up for yoga classes together and met at the gym--together, followed at first by a coffee, then lunch, then early morning and evening telephone calls to check in with each other.  My sis and I have always called "M" our angel sent at just the right time in mom's life.

I took a few pictures but the shot I missed, 'cause you know with me there is always at least one(!), was when they went up to order their lunch while I watched purses.  They had their arms around each other.  So very touching, so much so that it made me want to weep.

Ms. "M" didn't want her picture taken!  She must have heard about my skills, er, lack-there-of!

My sweet Momma giving me a wave 

The two dears have slowed done a bit since they were hitting the gym, but their friendship is stronger than ever.  It's really wonderful to watch them together and even nicer to be in their company as they chatted away like two school girls.

I hope you and me too for that matter, find friendships flourishing.

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Crossing a main intersection in The Grove the cones were out, because the electricians were out upgrading the wiring for, shhhhhh, cameras

When I see this, I always think of our son-in-law working around all those crazy drivers, hoping that they will be paying attention, (the drivers I mean) and respecting those who are working so close to possible inattention and hurry, in other words danger.  Thankfully, so far so good!  May it always be so.

This one's for you Cliff!  Stay safe.

Nothing, but nothing is so important that a few extra minutes behind the wheel of your car can't wait for!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, June 25, 2012


A few days ago, two of our Granddaughters asked their Papa if he could "fix" their pottery.  Claire had made a pot with a lid, but the handle on the lid broke off.  Carly made a cup, but the handle came off.  I'm not even sure how he got them, perhaps the girls had brought them with them in anticipation of Papa saying "yes".  Of course he said yes!

These creations brought a smile to my face because their Papa had done this type of repair many a time for our own daughter's creations. 

One that comes to mind because I had it on my dresser for well over 20 years was Amy's blue cat.  Both little ears snapped off and My Beloved fixed them.  I dusted that sweet little cat all those years waiting for Amy's babies to be born so I could pass it on.  It now resides in her children's room as sweet and precious as ever.  I hope it survives.  If not, I know just the man for the job!

All fixed and awaiting delivery!

I hope you had a happy memory today.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

As The Grains of Wheat

On our way to our "kid's house", close by, we usually get stopped at the light on Crush Crescent and Glover Road, or by the train, and sitting right there to our right, is grainery. 

We've often seen the trains loading up and when they do, you see clouds of wheat flying.  Also flying around are birds, tons of birds, mainly the pigeons waiting to get their fill, if only those darn trains would just move one.  In fact, there are so many pigeons there they have set up a catch and release program right on top of the structure, so I figure they must find them a nuisance.

Being a former "city slicker" I find all of this fascinating.  It's quite a simple operation and one so close to home.

Think about this when you consume your daily bread, the very bread you toasted this morning may have "originated" right in our backyard!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose

These Canadian Geese are loving the Mighty Fraser River these days.  Lawns and shores are under water which means mighty fine pickins for them close to shore.

 This last one made My Beloved and I laugh
The rock mocked the Goose's shape.  He looks like a pin head.

I hope your day is as easy-breezy as these Geese seem to be having.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Freshly Picked

This morning My Beloved and I visited a local berry farm called Krause's.    What an operation they have going there, wow.  check out their link and you'll see what I mean:

At 10:30 in the morning there were probably  a hundred people at the berry farm--picking, shopping, drooling, munching.  As it was still fairly early in their day, or, because so many had the same idea, we only got this one large box.  They'll be gone by tomorrow.  Oh well, there's always next week, and when we go again, I'm going to stay and have strawberry shortcake, or strawberry pie, or a strawberry shake or smoothie!    You can be sure it will be "strawberry something!" and I can't wait!

Save some for me Mr. A!
Driving home with our strawberries My Beloved took me on a short part of his up and coming GranFondo route.  Along the way we passed several turf farms.  There are acres and acres of lovely, weed-free turf, read fertilized to the hilt.  I snapped this one shot. 

I was visualizing my dear friend, Ann sitting on her John Dere riding mower and smiling away while she was cutting it and it made me laugh outloud!  

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A River Runs Through It

The campground that is!

The Mighty Fraser is rushing by at quite a pace these days.  All of the snowpacks melting up North are flowing down to the Pacific Ocean, and on their way, the tide is rising and the campground at Derby Reach in Langley is officially closed.  

When an "event" takes place in your neighbourhood, you want to get out there and experience it for yourself.  Last night on the first official Summer evening, My Beloved, myself and hundreds of others thought the same thing. Walkers, doggins (our Grandson Colby's name for Dogs), joggers, bikers, cyclists, you name it, all congregated at the River.  It was like a party down there.

The steep banks are almost to the top.  What an awesome sight.  The immensity and volume of water, incredible.

Then there's always this one guy,

. . .that will drink his cuppa java anywhere!

 Oh Mr. A. you make me laugh!

Sorry kiddies, no weinies tonight, the firepit is immersed!

"Shall we gather at the River . . .,"
"Yes, we'll gather at the River
the beautiful, the beautiful, River;
gather with the saints at the river that
flows by the throne of God". 
LBW 423

I hope your day didn't rush by so quickly that you didn't have time enough to enjoy the view.

Happy Thursday. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Your Lunch is Ready"

If we eat lunch at home, My Beloved calls out, "your lunch is ready".  Music to my ears and food for my body and soul.  Lucky, lucky me.

Today I took a picture of my yummy sandwich, and yes, it was a good as it looked--better even!

Thank you honey!

I hope your day was yummy too.

Happy Tuesday. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

He of the Magnetic Personality!

We have this wonderful friend named Ken known far and wide and loved by many.  Today we were fortunate to meet for lunch.  My Beloved and I, Ken and his beautiful bride, Eva.

If you have been fortunate enough to have met Ken (and I know I have lurkers out there who have), you would most likely agree with me that Ken has a magnetic personality. 

Ken, our former Pastor, our friend and for me, a former co-worker.  He,  the Pastor, I, the office administrator at Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Richmond.   Ken Baptised My Beloved, 2 of our daughters, Amy and April; Officiated at Cathy and Cliff's wedding, also at Amy and Tyler's.  He's even  Baptised a couple of our Grandchildren. 

I was the lucky one who got to work with him!  We were "spouses" on our Costco Membership and he jokingly used to introduce me as his "older sister", cheeky man that he is!  The best thing about working with him was that I learned so much about what it is that makes for a Pastor, and all that it entails, and in the process we became good friends.  This man, in his walk of faith, living his life by example, by his acts of gentleness, compassion, wisdom and humour. Even though he is long retired, this "gentle-man" continues to be a blessing to those around him and for us, a blessing in the lives of our family.

We four had a terrific lunch and played catch-up on what's happening in our lives.  The time just flew by and there were still so many topics we hadn't chatted about but, it was time to go.  Next time Ken and Eva, next time!

While we were looking at the menu, I noticed that my implements were magnetised, My Beloved and Eva tried theirs--nope, then Ken tried his--of course they were!  So very much like my friend, he of the magnetic personality!

I wonder, if you met someone today that you felt drawn to?  If you can, foster that relationship, if you are lucky enough, it will blossom into something wonderful!

Happy Monday Everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remembering our Fathers

Father's Day usually gets short schrift compared to Mother's Day, and I did my level best to make sure My Beloved had a good one.  He says he's had a wonderful day, and says he is continuing to have.  The very least I could do for the countless ways he's supported and loved this family through 40+ years.  Through thick and thin he's always been there lovingly supporting us.  Thank you Beloved!

Today can't go by without reflecting on our own Fathers, Ralph and Art. 

My dad, Ralph, and My Beloved's dad, Art.  My dad was a sailor, my F-I-L a soldier.  Both lived through the depression and then WW2.  Hard times on both sides of the ocean for young men.  They both worked so hard to raise their families.  Trying out new things.  Trying and succeeding in making a success of their new lives.  My Dad and Mom moving from Winnipeg to BC, my in-laws moving to a new land from Germany, both with young kids in tow, not knowing what lay ahead, but knowing it had to be done.  They each had so many talents but the thing they had in common, other than My Beloved and I that is, was their love of gardening. I am thankful for both of these Dads, and I miss them each and every day.  When I go into the card store for Father's Day, my heart still lurches at the realization that we don't have a Dad to buy a card for, don't have a Dad to give me the best hugs, don't have a Dad to say how much he loves me, nor a Dad to whom I can tell that I Love Him Very Much.

In honour of our Dads I dedicate this Blog to them.

Among other things, my Dad just loved his Lillies, he had scores of them!  My Mom took this picture on Summer day, about 2 years before he passed away.

My in-laws didn't have a camera, for one reason or another they had a disposable one and my Mom-in-law took this one picture "to finish off the roll" she said.  Taken on an Autumn day.  I love how he's waving.  This picture was probably taken about a year before he passed away.

Both these photos sit on our Buffet, reminders, as if one was needed, of the terrific men they were.  Happy Father's Day sweet Daddies.  This is my "card" for you!    

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrate 91

Today we Celebrated my Mom's 91st Birthday. 

At first she said, no party, but then, she got to thinking that a family party would be a good idea.  I for one am so glad she decided that!

Helping celebrate were Mom's 3 children-my sis and my brother and myself, 6 of 7 grandchildren, and 11/14 great grandchildren.  Missing, because exciting things are happening in their world next week, were April and Nick and Abby and Hudson.  Even in this crowded house, they were missed! Also Catie-Rose, she was away at a little friend's house and Kayla.  We missed them too!

The place was plug full of noisy adults and playful children.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Here are a few pictures:

 The Guest of Honour, my beautiful Mom!

I love how when daughters and father's get together, something needs to be remedied!  Although I can't remember what the "issue" was, this was the case with my brother and beautiful niece Andrea!
This is my "if only" picture.  If only my Mom had been looking at me too, this would have made a perfect picture.  In any event, I loved how they both were sitting in very similar positions.  The Matriach and the Baby of our family!
Me-self and our Grandson Colby, who is just now recovering from a very bad bout of flu and now an ear ache.  He's lost so much weight poor little dude!

Two of my dear sons through choice, Tyler and Cliff!  Now if I just positioned Cliff a tech to the right, it would look as if that lamp shade was growing out of his head!!!!  Yes indeedie, I am an awesome photographer.

Another Dad and Daughter Combo, this time Cathy with My Beloved and snuggled right on his lap, Coco of the dimpled little face!

Claire, growing up so fast, taking care of her cousin Colby, who was telling Nanny that his "chips" were all gone!
 Cameron just waiting to chow down!  Looks yummy my love!

My mom received many calls today while were there.  Poor little thing I'm sure she couldn't hear a thing.  Our daughter Amy looking as glam as glam can be!  This may be the only shot I've got of her, sorry Bird.

 My beautiful niece Riki with her Momma!

 My nephew's son who played hide and seek with me all afternoon, guess he heard about my talent for turning pictures into disasters.  He is SOOOOO sweeet!

The beautiful Ms. B.B. who stays with my mom.  What a blessing she is to our family!  Here she is chatting with my nephew Bryan whose son is shown above.

 My nephew's wife and my niece Andrea catching up.

 Aw here's my great-nephew named the Evanator, with his lovely Auntie.

My Sis and her sons!

 Sweet Caroline and her funny sis, Carly.

 Andrea and her Beloved, Kirby.

 Mattie and Ollie (sadly, no picture of Ollie's big brother!)

Caroline showing me the new tooth coming in, captured whilst she was still eating!  My gosh when I look at this photo of her, I see how much she and Cameron look alike.

I was so pleased to get a picture of these two cousins together and when I downloaded them I laughed myself silly at the face The Evanator was making!

Two perky ladies!

I love these two pictures, my mom and her great-grandson Evan helping to blow out the candles
Then the pure delight on mom's face because he helped.  Pure awesomeness!
My Beloved with Baby Bird

A Momma and her "kids"

Anyone can tell you that families are both a blessing and an annoyance. Some days you'd walk out on them forever and then the next you'd be wondering "how you got so lucky".  Our lives are like the roller coaster many days--some ups, some downs, but oh the rush!  We are blessed by the unconditional love we received from both our Mother and our Father. 

Thank you Mom. 
A toast to many, many more!

How was your roller coaster ride today?
Happy Saturday.