Thursday, May 31, 2012

In the Garage

I took this picture of My Beloved's tools hanging on the wall in our garage.  He's so organized.  If he ever asks me to go out and get such and such while he's performing some magic fix in our house, he can tell me exactly where on the wall an item can be found.  I'm impressed!  Methinks I could take a page from his book.

Taken from the vantage point of the front wheel of his road bike!

I sure hope your day did not include having to use any tools.

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Washy Washy Washy

It was laundry day at the old homestead.  Three loads sorted, washed, dried and folded and waiting to be put away.  That folks is all I'm going to do today, except for the 65 minute walk, paying bills and chatting on the telephone!

How was your day?

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Exhausted but Relieved

Last night my poor little momma ended up in Emergency after collapsing on the floor.  Thankfully the beautiful, "B.B." was there when it happenend and she called the paramedics.

It was a long terrible night for my mom but we are all thankful that she was released this afternoon and is now resting comfortably in her cozy bed.

I send out love and gratitude to Cathy and Cliff who were first on the scene at the hospital, and to Cliff's Momma who came over to look after the 6 kids while they did so.  Also grateful to My Beloved who wouldn't take no for an answer and drove me to the hospital and picked me up in the wee small hours, 5:30 a.m. to be precise.  Lovin' goes out to my nephews Bryan and Bobby, my Brother "R", who were also in Emerg., and my daughters and nieces who sent love and e-mails for Mom and I.

It was only when mom was finally sleeping comfortably, and all the tests had come back normal, that I made for home.

I took these pictures with my iPod this morning.

All eyes were glued to this monitor watching the vital signs, it was good to finally see some improvement!

A hardworking Paramedic on Nightshift.  I saw him several times during the course of the night.  He's filling out all of the paperwork on the most recent patient. (5:15 a.m.)

When I went outside to call My Beloved I spied this "drawing" (I was too tired to actually take notice, it may be an ink drawing) in one of the ER cubicles.  I believe this spot was actually converted to a cubicle after its' initial life as a hallway!  I imagined that if you were a patient laying here, it would be nice to look at an original work, something non-medical.

I am grateful for the care and attention mom received in the hospital last night.  They were attentive and kind.  Thank You Langley Hospital staff.

I am grateful, Happy Monday indeed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brown Baggin' It

Today was the last day of Sunday School and it was celebrated with a Walkathon to raise money for an Orphanage in Peru.  4 of our six grandchildren walked it, 3 of whom walked it with their Papa, our oldest grandson walked with kids his own age and 2 sat with me.

Usually on any given Sunday after church, we'll have the kids back to our place but it's been a very busy week, so we made the lunches as a treat and took the kids and the brown bags home right after church.  I heard they were going to eat them in a local park afterwards.

Here are a few pictures.

Lots of goodness and a treat or two tucked into a brown bag, hope they enjoyed them!

If you look way, way down the street, you'll spot Papa with Caroline, Claire and Carly

My two little cheerleaders!  We spent time banging the cowbell, collecting 15 pinecones and playing with Nanny's iPod!

One of the Sunday School teachers got dress up as a clown and rode around the route on a bicycle built for 2, cheering people on and most importantly for this crossing guard, letting me know when we could head back to church for cake and coffee!

All in all it was an awesome day.  Well organized, and I hope, well-pledged!

I sure hope you are having a great day today.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Again!

I couldn't bear to leave South Delta behind yesterday, I just had to go back for another visit. 

Well, actually, that's not quite true, I dropped our oldest Grandson Cameron off in the area so I snuck in another visit.  So glad I did too because I saw my son-in-law, and spoke to him about his trip.  Also, I got to spend more time with our daughter April.  While Hudson was taking his afternoon nap, we took our tea and snacks outside.

 Abby deep in thought

I love this one of Abby and her Mommy!

It was a lovely afternoon, thanks for the memories.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nanny 911 Challenge Accomplished

As I told you yesterday, I've been couch surfing at our daughter April's house for the past two nights.  After an early morning start, a cuppa java and some laptop time, my two grandchildren woke up and the day began.

I love the sleepy little smiles.  I love eating breakfast with them.  I love pretending they have something on little faces, just so I can get an extra close up look, and steal a kiss or two in the process.  I'm extremely guilty of the last part! 

I love the excitement of a 2 year old when he sees a bus (we saw several), or a "huge truck", or a tractor working in the field, or a digger working on a job site, or a fire engine!  We saw them all.

I love the creativity of a 5 year old, when she asks me if I had a bug would I make a bed for it to sleep in?  Or, would I let a caterpillar sleep in my bed?  Oh no I would not I tell her.  Well, what if she dressed up as a caterpillar, and surprised me?  Oh yes, I said, I'd sleep with that big caterpillar.

Somehow or other, My Beloved and I don't have exciting sightings or funny "what if" moments like that.  Only when you are around the Grands, do you get these precious moments.  This Nanny has put them in the precious moments bank, ready to be replenished at a given moment when I'm with them.

Being with their Mommy is awesome too.  We catch up on stories, we catch up on big things, and little things as we sip our tea and eat cookies.  The quiet time after the kids are in bed, the brief span before Mommy has to get to bed as her morning starts very early.

The best{h} part for all of them?  When daddy comes home from his business trip and walks through the front door. Why I believe I can hear their squeals of delight from here! 

Ready for the day!

Abby holding Huddy's head so he'd look at me, cause that's what big sisters do!

You never can tell what part of your day will turn into a precious moment or two.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hope this Works!

I'm using my daughter's laptop and I've downloaded--I think a few pictures!  I'm so confused and believe you me, it doesn't take much to confuse me.

I arrived yesterday after having lunch with Amy and Tyler and their little ones, my mother-in-law, and guest of honour, a Facebook  Friend from Germany, a delightful young man who was here learning English.  He has mastered it  and how.

Just as I was taking pictures, our Grandson put his finger on the lens!!!, hence, blurry pictures.  I know, I know, I'm always owning up to blurries, but this is the proof.  Proof that is, if, I can download it here.  If not, then I will show you said picture when I get home!

There's the little cuplrit finger!

The Group Shot!  There were more, but I couldn't rotate them!  Nor, can I  centre this text!

Here's a picture of the two little sweethearts taken this morning as we were heading out to school-Kindergarten and Daycare.   

I sure hope your day is going as well as mine!

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 Years Ago Today

Wishing our daughter April and her handsome husband, Nick a Very Happy Anniversary.  Your Dad and I will never forget the happiness and joy that led up to and encapsulated that beautiful day in May!  We feel that love each time we are with you.

Wishing you a lifetime of happy remembrances!

 Happy Tuesday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Little Corner of the World

This has to be my favourite spot in the house, in my office slash children's dining room slash craft room--my bulletin board and bookcase top loaded with badges and memoriabillia.

The board started out simply as a way of me displaying all of the badges we've collected over the years.  I hadn't realized how many until we moved 7 years ago.  As we were packing up I kept finding them in a box here, a little pouch here, a drawer there and "I thought to myself I thought", I'm going to display these!   This was before Pintrest!  Since the board went up, my Granddaughter Abby gave me a little red feather.  An assortment of badges came my way via Coco, Carly and Caroline who volunteered to add their badges to the board as well.  There are badges from all of our kids and my Dad had some too which are on there as well.  I love the big yellow "happiness is Osoyoos, BC", and all of the 100 Good Times badges from Richmond's Centenary!

As the board progressed I had to add, some lucky horoscopes, a sweet little pink banner Amy made for me when she was a little girl, (you can see her picture peeking out!), a little book mark made by one of our girls (sorry dear Child, I can't remember who made it!), a little cloth purse sewn by our Grandson Cameron when he was about 4, original pages of ripped story books from our children's books still waiting for me to find the books to tape them into (Good Night Moon, and a Kitty Cat book whose title I can't remember). Also a little paper bird egg My Beloved made when the kids were over a zillion years ago and I couldn't bear to part with.  All of these things, including the old typewriter on which the Grand kids love to leave me messages even though it needs a new ribbon; the little elephant and lion from My Beloved's teaching days, and a little LOVE cross-stich from my beautiful Mother-I-L add up to My Little Corner of the World. 

A crowded little corner it is, but one which means so much to me and makes me smile as I look at all of the history on that wall.

I think every house has a little corner of the world tucked away, I wonder what memories yours evokes for you?

Happy Monday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday's Sunshine

Sometime this morning, while we were in church, our glorious patch of sunny weather vanished. 

Disappointing?  Yes, but tragic, no. We had 6 rays of sunshine over for lunch and a visit, so I'm not complaining.

I love how Catie is looking Papa right in the eye as he explains that he can't read without his glasses on.  I love the book Catie chose, the German Dictionary.  She selected a page on the letter "D" and asked Papa to read them to her.

 Our Grandson Cameron initializing a new disc for the camera.  He was totally immersed.

I also love how sisters squish onto one chair as they play a game on Nanny's iPod.  I'm visualizing the young women they are at the doorstep of becoming.

 More squishing as Nanny emphasises something in the book.

And the little squirt joins Claire on the cozy chair!

Whether your afternoon be squished up all cozy like in a chair, if you be singing in the rain, or languishing in the sunshine, one thing I hope, is, that you are having a great day.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happiness Is . . .

Despite rumours to the contrary, I really am a gal that enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

Example #1
Hanging clothes on my outdoor line.  For two reasons, #1, this is the first time this year and #2, these are the flannel sheets that won't be used until next November.  Buh-bye Mr. Winter and Hip Hip Hooray!

Example #2

My first Peony of the year! 

My dear Dad gave as many in our family who wanted them, at least 2 different plants from his garden.  This was about 2 years before he died.  So each time they blossom I have such fond and lovely memories, and mixed emotions too because I still miss him dreadfully.  Soon the pinks will burst forth which makes me doubly glad I got one of each.

I sure hope that your Happiness Is . . . quotient overflows this lovely weekend.

Happy Saturday.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Uh Oh!

Let this be a lesson to you, never hang off trees, they bend and break!!! (excuse the belly!)

Really??  Do you honestly think I would do that?

The deed was already done when we happened along our walk--honest!  It is really upsetting to come upon damage like this.  We need all of the trees we can get, to keep us in the shade in the sunshine, and to filter out all of the fumes from the cars from the Freeway mere feet away.

On the eve of our long weekend, may your pathway lead you to unexpected, but pleasant twists and turns.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Under My Umbrella(s)

You can always tell when the promise of warm Spring evenings are upon us.  The lawn furniture, the umbrellas, and gnomes and geegaws are set out and waiting, waiting for your enjoyment.

We were walking up Walnut Grove Drive and we spied these . . .

 4 brown umbrellas all set up and waiting

Wishing you sun-filled days as we head into the Victoria Day Weekend (even if the sun doesn't cooperate!)

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going Nowhere Fast

My heart goes out to commuters, especially those using Highway 1, East or Westbound.  It doesn't take much to slow you down from 80 (construction zone speed) to 0.  Sometimes it's simply volume, at a freeway entrance, other times, the inevitable accident that turns the freeway into a parking lot.

This is what happened Eastbound yesterday.  2 lanes of traffic backed up for m-i-l-e-s.

The massive 2 lane parking lot on the opposite side of the highway.

Whatever your day, I sure hope it wasn't stalled in park for more than a few minutes.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Room With a View

I'm back!

It's been kind of nice these past few days, not to worry about blogging, but that doesn't mean I wasn't taking pictures!

Last Thursday evening I spent the night in the hotel because Convention started bright and early in the morning and that would have meant for me, possibly an hour's commute on HWY 1 westbound, and I wasn't going to do that on a Friday morning that's for sure.

Instead I drove into Coquitlam on Thursday afternoon in about 20 minutes flat, checked into my 9th floor room and just relaxed for a while before heading out to dinner and then the opening of Convention!

 Two cozy beds for one tired delegate!

Looking out of my 9th floor window onto North Road and Lougheed Highway just as the Sky Train was rolling on by.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Off!

Off to convention that is.

I am the elected delegate from St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Maple Ridge to the BC Synod Convention in New Westminster.

I'm all set.  The report I wrote for Specialized Ministries is in the binder.   I've read 99% of the Bulletin of Reports, the other 1% I will finish up tonight. I've got my backback, my candies to share,  a water bottle for thirst, my bag packed and my hotel room for tonight is booked and waiting.

As I haven't mastered the art of uploading pictures from my iPod to Blogger, if there is in fact a way to do so, text yes, pictures no,I won't be checking in until Monday sometime.

In the meantime, I  wish all of the beautiful and busy Mothers and Aunties and Grannys and Omas and Women Everywhere, a Very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

Happy Thursday
Happy Friday
Happy Saturday
Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Van, Another Ad

I can't help myself, I am obsessed with taking pictures of the advertising on Vans and trucks.

The inside was as interesting as the outside!

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

All Sewn Up

When we arrived at church yesterday the quilting group was having their annual sale.  The Fellowship Hall was set up with about 8 tables, all of which had beautiful, folded quilts laying on them.

This past year we bought 2, one each for Cameron and Claire, and for one reason or another, the 6 siblings missed out.   Yesterday we made sure that that was rectified.

We had such fun picking out just the right one for Carly, Caroline, Catie and Coco.

Coco with her treasure!

All of the proceeds from the quilt sale go towards shipping all manner of items (quilts included) to Canadian Lutheran World Relief.  The destination for all of the items collect this year goes to Nicaragua.

I spied this one and instantly was visualizing it laying on the lawn, under the apple tree, with some or all of our Grands picnic-ing on it.

  I fell in love with it after first glance.

Spring is in the air, and at long last, visions of Summer breezes are starting to replace the rain umbrellas of my mind.  I hope that is true for you too.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vintage Fun

Today after church we had the E6s over for lunch and a belated Birthday celebration for Caroline. 

I usually haul out things for them to play with and today was no exception. It has been a long while since Puzzletown x 2  (Mayor Fox's Town Centre and Farmer Alphalpha's Farm) made an appearance and the kids were instantly drawn to it.  It sure reminded me of the days our daughters, Cathy, April and Amy used to spend endless hours creating their own village or farm.

When they used to play with these there was no such thing as a TV show about them.  Nope, only 1 book and this toy.  Thanks Richard Scary for hours and hours of endless fun and creativity. 

Here's what they collectively built.  I'm certain that given more time, they would have recreated this another 20 ways!  But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.  I'll bring it out another time but for now, all the items are tucked away in their boxes and high up on the shelf in the spare room.

Life is good.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

On the Outside Looking In

I must have walked past this "temporary" fencing a hundred plus times, but for some reason it wasn't until today that I noticed the flimsey little lock preventing anyone from breaking into the barren, weed filled field it's been protecting.  (Nice long sentence!!)

If you look very closely you can almost make out the lock charged with such an important job! 

It just goes to show, that you can be small but mighty when it comes down to it.  I must keep that in mind next time I go to do battle.

Wishing you a Happy Saturday.

Friday, May 4, 2012


After receiving some wrong information from 1-800-OCANADA, back in October, I'm finally mailing off my request for the OAP!  Oh well, what's another 3 months or so!

Glad to be finally getting this sent off, now let me see, what shall I buy first!!!

I sure hope the information you gave out, or received, is accurate within .01 percentage points!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm on a Roll

Being as I haven't set foot outside our door since Sunday afternoon, I've been relying on pictures that I've recently captured.

It was good to get out and walk again, rain and all, and it didn't take long until my theme of signage on vehicles continued to present opportunities.

Hence - -

 Lots of micro-breweries abound

He's getting it done!

What's brewing in your neck of the woods?

Happy Thursday.