Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prepping for the Big Boo

Tomorrow is Halloween, and is quite possibly a child's most favourite day of the year! 

You knock on a door, all dressed up in a costume, say "Trick or Treat--Smell My Feet--Give Me Something Good to Eat", well perhaps not that whole last bit, but people do give them something good to eat, and you run off barely remembering to say thank you.  The quest was to fill your bag, your pumpkin, your pillow case up with chocolates and candies, perhaps a bag of chips, and if you are really lucky, and you know the house, perhaps a homemade candy apple!

I remember those days well.  When we Trick or Treated in Kelowna, there was a nice family on Harvey Avenue that would give you a hot dog and a drink of hot chocolate, or the family that would make these wonderful popcorn balls, and yet another family that made those memorable candy apples.  Ah, the good old days.

Speaking of the Good Old Days.  Both  of today's pictures are from the vault of treasures.

The first one is of our precious daughters.  Cathy, the sweet little witch, Amy, our little nurse and April, our darling little elephant. Oh to go back to those wonderful days, so precious and fleeting. 

On the Eve of All Hallows, I leave you with a picture of my Sister and Brother and I, all dressed up and ready to run.  We lived out by the Mission Creek, so I was probably about 6 or 7 in this cherished photograph taken by my Mom with her Box Brownie.

 A Lady, A Hobo and another Lady.  Thank you Mom!

Happy All Hallow's Eve Everyone.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Where's the Beef?

Beginning in early October, we had a beef scare all across this nation of ours. 

It seems that a massive slaughter house  in Brooks, Alberta was resonsible for at least 10 cases of  E.coli, and their products were sold from Coast to Coast to Coast.  Not good. 

Everywhere we went people were talking about returning to their stores, any beef product they had purchased.  Not good. 

I myself have two frozen steaks that keep looking at me when I wonder what to cook for dinner, and so far, I've managed to put some other food on the table rather than those steaks.  I do believe we purchased them well before there was any reason to wonder about them, but the thought prevails.  I can't help myself.

Several years ago when I worked as a Church Administrator in Delta, I passed this local butcher shop in a not so great area of town.  They always had signs up in their window with the daily specials.  They must be doing okay, because 5 years later that same shop is still in business and to my knowledge, nary an E.coli scare.  More power to them is what I say.

They have this unique sign outside on the sidewalk by their driveway.  This is Today's Picture.

Holy Cow

Here a cow, there a cow, everywhere a cow cow!

Happy Monday all!

* * *
My Blog Counter tells me that this is blog 300.
Only 66 to go, I think I'm going to make it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Brown Bag Sunday

Today was Brown Bag Sunday!

As I am typing this, I think I may have blogged about this before.  Please accept my apologies for the redundancy.  After writing over 270 blogs, it becomes a bit of a blur!

On the Sundays that we take the Grandkids to Sunday School and that My Beloved cruises the ice, on patrol, our time is limited between driving home from church, to getting Papa to work on time.  While the Grandkids always enjoy coming over for lunch and play, before heading home, on a day like today, we do the next best thing.  Brown bag it.

The tradition started 3 years ago, so if we say, "oh, next week, Papa is working so we can't bring you back to our house", someone will always pipe up, "it will be a Brown Bag Sunday".  Well, today was such a day.

You have to remember things such as, one Grandson only likes Granny Smith Apples.  One little dimpled pumpkin we found out just today, doesn't like mustard.  Another little girl who used to adore cucumber, is totally off them now.  Another does not like bananas in any shape or form.  And yet another does not like tomato in her sandwich.  Lots to keep track of!  Wow.

I had forgotten "how much work" packing a lunch can be.
My hat is off to all of our children who have to do this 5 days a week!

A sandwich, a piece of fruit, a treat (Halloween Mini Cupcakes), some veggies to chomp on, (red peppers, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, cucumber), a little parcel of peanuts, a cheese string, and another treat--a Trick or Treat Treat!  All packed into brown bags, with a napkin at the ready, to serve as soon as we get in the van and buckled up ready to head it towards home.

All in all, a very good day. We got hugs, we got love, we got to hear stories, and we even got a little silence, while lunches were being devoured.  A very good day indeed.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rainy Night Drive

Riding in the back of our car the other night was our Grandson Cameron, who took these two pictures on his iPod as Papa *pictured in mirror* and Nanny *hair and head*  drove him home from Confirmation Class.

Meet Chewy.  He has been riding along in the back of our car from the first week I bought the car many, many, moons ago.  Each child who rides along in our car, plays with him and knows him by name.  Sadly, Cameron, who was the first to ever play with him, forgot his name.  Our Boy is growing up!  He has "put away childish things" to paraphrase a well known quote.  I have to say though, I love the grown up boy, every bit as much as the little guy, possibly more now  than ever.  He is a delight to be around.  Thanks for the great pictures Cameron.

After we dropped Cameron home, sure as luck would have it, first one at the light, but wait . . . a train!  I dread Crush Crescent and Glover Road, for both the trains and the horrible railway crossing that shakes the fillings out of your teeth if you go over the tracks too quickly! 

May your day be smoother than these tracks dear friends.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh Canada

Today we travelled to Surrey to renew our Canadian Passports.

They've moved offices since our visit 5 years ago, which, if I'da been on the ball, would have noticed, but didn't.  Suffice it to say, after a few twists and turns, a false parking and back into the car, we found the  Passport Office in the Surrey Place Mall of all places.

The joint was jumpin' since it was lunch time and a Friday.  As it happened, it didn't take very long, we had a very nice person working at the desk, and after confirming this, that, and the other, we paid our money and we were done! 

Nextus up, our Nexus Pass!

On the way we drove past Flag Motors on 104.  This flag post was originally situated at Expo 67 in Vancouver.  The flag is so immense that when the sun shines, it casts a huge shadow over the hotel across the street. It's wonderful to see as it furls and unfurls almost in slow motion because of its' size.

 Our Number.

That's Us!

 Back home we go.

An Interesting tidbit:   This flag as I've said is so large, and so high up, when we drive down 200th in Langley, on a clear day you can see this flag.  That is quite a distance away.

To sum it up.  With all its' warts and wrinkles, I am  very proud to be living in this country. I.Am.Canadian.  I brandish it proudly on my  walking jacket.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extreme Gardening

After climbing the extreme path up the hill, we sat a while on a bench and drank in the lovely, warm sunshine.   It feels like a bonus day, and you can't let those pass by without reflecting on how nice and you know fleeting, it is.

When we carried on, we came upon this young man on a riding mower.  He was cutting the lawn on a very steep hill, which My Beloved approximated to be a 40 degree angle.  It was amazing and scary to watch him at the same time.

This picture doesn't do the angle justice, but you can see where the top of the hill is, that was the scary bit.

All in a day's work for this guy.  Very impressive.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nature's Paintbox

Winter feels like it's quickly closing in on us. 

The snowline on the mountains and the colder winds of autumn have returned.  Yesterday, the cold wind caused me to notice that my feet felt cooler in my summer runners.  I wore my headband for the first time today, and my gloves are stowed away in my pocket ready for tomorrow's walk. 

The late summer like feel of a few weeks ago, has vanished.  Also vanishing are the changing leaves.  Each day there are more leaves on the ground.  Two months tomorrow tonight will be Christmas Eve, which is so hard to believe.

For the past two days I've been noticing this lovely tree in someone's yard.  It reminds me of Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  I thought I'd better take a picture of it today because at the rate of falling leaves, there won't be any left to take a picture of! 

Each level on the tree is a different colour.  A pretty farewell show indeed.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Telus at Work

During the long wait for Telus on Saturday, who did come by the way, I told you about all of the work being done by Telus down on 96th.  Well, they are still working there and I took this picture.

Standing around waiting for the water to clear before they head down the hole.  Felt somewhat sorry for the neighbour whose yard is being flooded.  That was a lot of water being pumped out.

And our problem, well, the smart technician had the problem fixed before he got in the door, so far, so good!  Yay!  I had to wait until 3:00 but it was worth it in the end.  One ringy-dingy.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


The autumn leaves got a bit of competition today from the fresh snow show up our mountains.  While my pictures don't do either the fall colours, nor the mountains with their first cap of snow, justice,  I have to say, it is truly a lovely sight.  My wish for this gal is, no snow on our roads, but a great show on the mountains, where as far as I'm concerned, it belongs.  Only time and Old Man Winter will tell.

One may be fooled into thinking the snowline looks as if it could be the sun shining on the mountains, therefore creating the demarcation line, but you'd be wrong.  It's the snowline.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Waiting . . .

Our alarm went off bright and early for a Saturday morning.  It was set for 7:30. We did that for a couple of reasons.
One, so that My Beloved could go help Number 1 Son build a storage shed in preparation of their move.

Two, so that the Telus Service call set up between 8 to 10 this morning, with a 15 minute prep call could be answered by a reasonably awake person.

Well, I did receive a call at 10:35 to be precise telling me that the technician was going to be delayed as the prior job, the job I am assuming he's still at, was taking a bit longer than estimated.  No problem said I, any guestimate of time, say I?  No, but it shouldn't be much longer.  Alrighty then.

Meanwhile, I have cleaned the house-which of course is a bonus.  Looked through a new cookbook-yummy low cal food to come.  Watched the beautiful sun shine in our windows, which in my world equals the lost opportunity of a lovely Autumn walk, and tried to while away the hours.  Still no call.  It's 2:07.

The good news is, My Beloved has just walked in the door, so his day was a success. 

Here are a few pictures taken by our daughter Cathy, who used our camera.  Thanks honey!

 That looks tricky boys!

 Two handsome guys on their saw horses!

Almost ready for prime time!

Earlier in the week I told you we took a whole wack of pictures.  Today's ironically are some of them.

We took these pictures of Telus work being done on 96th!

 Looking down the rabbit hole to our Saturday future?

Day before yesterday the entire portion of the road from 204th to 208th was alive with action as they installed new (lines)?  Say, I wonder if they are still there, perhaps it would be faster if I went and got them instead of waiting for promised technician.

My Beloved looking at our future problem?

Even at 2:22 p.m., I'm pretty sure, that our telephone will be working by day's end.  How's that for optimism?  Wish me luck.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 19, 2012


You can tell you are getting old when . . .when you* rail against everything. 

*You infers -- ME!

When, you complain that you liked it better the old way. 

Yes, folks, I've been railing against the moon these days about pretty well everything. 

For instance:  Why is that country road now such a main thoroughfare, and what the heck were they thinking, when they decided to add a strip mall that needs access to get to and from said country road?  Idiots!

Yesterday was another fine example. 

After visiting the cranberry "patch", we drove into Fort Langley proper.  Several years ago the developers got their hands on all of this waterfront property and have gone to "town" with it, literally.  The former walk along the river was blocked off for over a year while they developed housing, housing and more housing.   Yesterday when we took the dyke walk it took us ten minutes to get beyond all of the townhouses and homes in what was formerly a lovely forested area.  Me no likey!

At the end of the dyke walk it veers you onto Allard Road for a piece. A charming road that is changing.  It used to be wild patches with Ma and Pa properties where you'd spy organic farms, free range egg stands, little stands with honour boxes for the veggies you'd pick up at the un attended stands, wilderness, a lama or two, some horses and lots and lots of acerage.  Bucolic comes to mind.

The above photo was taken 2 years ago just as these owners started an organic garden.

Today, you can barely see in now, but through the openings of the shrubbery we spied the pumpkins!

These mini pumpkins hang from the tree just outside their property.  So welcoming and typical of the owners.
Another view from the street.  The blueberry bushes are getting ready to shed their leaves.

Just up Allard, across the street, farm fresh eggs.  A charming little shed meant for just that purpose.

Sadly these properties are being sold and replaced with Manors-one really named their home that!! Each new one larger and more immense than the last.  Too much!

One driveway away from the organic farm we spied this:

The whole piece of land in front of the "house" is covered in black vinyl ready to be turned into a water wonderland of  great and immense meant to impress you feature!

I say give me the natural, organic farm any day.

The people of the "manor" right next door also put in a pond, (see it on the right of photo below), but their's is already dwarfed by the new neighbour's.  And so it goes!

The people of the "manor" aren't quite finished improving their property.  There's a whole wack of wood left to dispose of.  We wouldn't want all of nature spoiling their estate. Grrrrrr!

I leave you with a beautiful, serene Fraser River. 
Beautiful.Untouched.Peaceful.Owned by Municipality.Thankfully.

Time to get my groove back and say ohm.

Happy Friday!  Ohm.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seeing Red Big Time

In February, which I must say, feels so very long ago, I dedicated the majority of the month to red items spotted on our walks.  Now on the other side of the rolling year, I had to share these pictures with you.

Yesterday My Beloved came home from his bike ride and told me they are finally flooding the cranberry fields.  Both of us at almost the exact same moment said: "let's go for our walk in Fort Langley tomorrow!"  We've been together so long, we are finishing each other's sentences, that is, if our hearing, or lack there of, doesn't get in the way.  To make a long story longer, that is exactly what we did today.  We took a drive to see them and to take pictures.

The funny thing is, we used to live in Richmond, which when you drove east, the area was loaded with cranberry fields, and to quote my friend Maxwell Smart again, "would you believe . . .", would you believe after living there for almost 35 years, I had never seen the fields flooded.  Well, today was the day.

I am sad to report that they hadn't started vacuuming them up, nor, were the Ocean Spray dudes in hip-waders, sitting on comfy chairs there either.  Oh well, you can't have everything first time out of the shoot now can you?

Here are some of the pictures both My Beloved and I took today.

 Hey, are those the guys???

A funny thing happened after we got back in the car.  We both had black baseball caps on like teenagers, our heads were very close together and while we were looking down at the pictures in the camera, out of the corner of our eye we spotted this white car pulling ever so slowly away from ours which was parked off to the side of the road.   It was the RCMP.   We were laughing and speculating that the officer thought we might be up to no good!  When he pulled along side he probably got a good laugh himself, oh, just two old fuddy- duddies!

After our walk, a bite to eat,  and a trip through an antique shop we drove by the field again and all of the berries had been collared.  I'm thinking tomorrow's the day to skim them off the water and ship them off to Ocean Spray.