Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Man of Industry

Okay, we've all seen them.  The pop can recyclers.  They are in every neighbourhood, often on trash day when the blue boxes are out, collecting whatever is in the box that may be recycled.  People who I have no doubt, for economic reasons, collect cans.  We have a recycling station fairly close by, so perhaps we see a few more recyclers than normal.  We spoke to a man a few weeks ago and he said he'd been sick, and in the time he had a route, got sick and returned to his route, someone else had taken over his.  I can't imagine our life depending on the kindness, or litter bugging, by strangers.  More power to them and God bless them.

Yesterday when we were near Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, this man couldn't help but catch my eye.  It was a bone chilling, torrential down pouring day and this gent was out taking care of business.


It is Saturday and my prayer is that this man, has a cozy place to lay his head.  We all deserve that much.

Happy Saturday!

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