Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Visit

Today we took Colby and Annie to visit their cousins, Hudson and Abby and Auntie April.  Uncle Nick was out supporting the BC Lions in their quest for the Western Conference Final. (Missed you Uncle Nick!)
As soon as Colby got to the front door, his cousin Hudson gave him the biggest hug, and then they completely ignored each other!  Too funny.
We didn't stay too long, just long enough to really, really mess up Auntie's house.  Have lunch, several laughs and exchange a few stories.
Here are some pictures to document our visit.
Okay, they did get together, of all of the little trains, they both wanted the same one.  Here's the interaction action!

 This was as good as it gets!  One day . . .

 Abby's recent collection.  Amazing!

 Colby love, love, loved playing with his cousin's train!

Some of Annie's organizational skills!  Warning: there may be a fishy in the purple boot!
I loved how Abby was reading to her cousin.  Colby was very engrossed with her reading capabilities!

 You rock Abby!

Abby taking a bit of alone time!  Who could blame her?  She does such beautiful work.

Girl Power!

It was a wonderful visit.  Thank you Auntie April-you're, wait for it . . .  the BEST{H}!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Well, I am still cleaning up over here!! Kidding. That was a great cousin-to-cousin visit despite it being only a couple hours long! We all had fun, that all that matters! Thanks for the visit and coming out my way! Did the kids sleep enroute home? Love you all. xoxo