Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Four

Today is recuperation day at our house. 

You can tell you are getting older when a mere 5 hours with 6 children, including, walking 6 blocks to pick up 5 little girls from school, drive to a predetermined spot to pick up Jr. High Boy, only to find out the little voices in the back of the van were correct, there is another Subway--and after gassing up the school bus van, we finally met at the predetermined Subway to pick up said Grandson!

Then off to "Grandmother's house we go" for dinner, colouring, school reading, plus a story book for the dimpled Kindergarten girl while we wait, and wait, and wait for the 3 chickens to be cooked so we don't get salmonella! 

Before dinner as we were all in the kitchen, each child hungrier than the next, I threw in a little "thankful lesson" -- Now imagine, you are this hungry, and there is nothing to fill your little bellies, not tonight, not tomorrow.  Imagine.  That is how so many children live day in, day out.  I know they were listening, I know they were imagining.  I think they were, at least I hope they were, empathising.

Finally, the table was set, the chickens were appropriately roasted, gravy, mashies, carrots with cinnamon, buns, mandarin oranges and hot chocolate-cake pudding were on the table-we were a very hungry bunch. 

After dinner, we cleaned up, put away, grabbed backpacks, coats, boots, et al, and piled back into the dark, cold van, for the drive home. 

Off to a new home piled high with boxes, a daddy who is getting a fierce cold, a weary Nonna, and an equally tired Momma.  It was a long day for us, for the children, and even longer one for the adults "waiting" at home. 

No peeking-I forgot, I also made a dinner for the 3 weary movers, but hadn't realized that the new appliances weren't yet hooked up.  I knew I should have stuck with my first choice, crock pot!

 Shaw and moving truck all at once-a very busy time on the block!

 Watching Coraline while waiting, and waiting and waiting.

Cameron was even unimpressed with the slowness of his Nanny's computer!

Wishing you all a happy, safe and blessed life in your new home Cathy and Cliff and Nonna!  It is beautiful.  May you soon have time to sit back and reflect on how lovely it is.

Happy Friday!

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