Friday, November 2, 2012

Cycling Through the Week

It's Friday, already.  I don't know about you, but for My Beloved and I, the weeks just seem to just fly by.  It isn't even that we are that busy, believe me, it feels like Monday was just here and pffffft, it's Friday just like that.
Our daughter April is a blogger, and a few month's back she did a blog in honour of her Dad. The link is here.  April speculated that her Dad knew cycling was in his future.  Well Mrs. Best{h} you were so right.  We came across this picture taken in 1958 by some unknown to My Beloved, person, who in turn mailed it to his Opa in Germany. (Thank You from the bottom of my heart whoever you were.) It came back to My Beloved after his Opa passed away.

 September 1958 in front of their Quebec Street house.

November, 2012, as he took off on his $5.00, Garage Sale, mountain bike.  Roll on My dear husband, roll on.

Happy Friday!

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