Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Forever Blowing

Bubbles, not the soapy kind, but of the Bubblegum variety! 

Today's goodies after church included a bowl full of "leftover" Halloween treats, which pleased the Sunday School children immensely, and in that bowl was bubblegum.  Name me a kid alive that doesn't love blowing and popping, and blowing them so large they cover your nose, and if you have a good batch, you can blow them large enough to cover your face.  Lots of giggling, and taking of pictures in the back of the van.  That was the ride home today. Great fun!

When we arrived back home I asked all of the bubble blowers if they would on the count of three blow a bubble for my picture of the day.  Here it is:

You can barely make the gum out against those beautiful faces.  It looks as if I've photo shopped out nosein case of Catie), and mouths.  Little Coco informed me that she didn't have any gum but she sure has a huge smile.

Happy Sunday!

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