Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well, this is Goodbye

Gee whiz, I thought I had 36 more posts in me, but my Google/Picasa web albums had a different plan for me. 

It appears, that I have used up all of my storage space!  I've run across this before and simply deleted some pictures from my account, and voila, more space.  Not today.  Tried as I might, no way, no how. 

I'm feeling let down.
I've been gipped.
I've been snookered.
I've been hoodwinked.
I'm down for the count.
I'm throwing in the white towel.
It's anticlimactic I tell you!

I hope you've enjoyed my 330 day journey through 2012.  It has been fun trying to figure out the daily topics.  Some were as simple as falling off the proverbial log, others, not so much.

On this 25th Day of November exactly 1 month to Christmas, I wish you all of the very best and I thank you for all of the lovely comments and your interest. 

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Blessings to you.

Thank You!


  1. Awwww, really sorry to see this blog end too soon. I've really, really enjoyed it Mom! You made everyday interesting and entertaining. Thank you. Not an easy job to do that! xo

  2. Hi Mom, I am sad to read this! You had ONE month to go on your daily blog life. Is there a way to figure out how to get more space? {I've never encounter this - and my blog is like 6 years old. I have encountered a problem uploading any new photos on my blogger side-photo tho. . .I have reached maximum capacity too. There must be a way to continue, Mom! xoxo