Thursday, November 1, 2012

Remains of the Day

The mini chocolate carbs are kicking in.  There are wrappers strewn everywhere and how, I ask you can an iddy-biddy little piece of chocolate contain 60 calories anyway?  But I digress.

Last night's Tricksters have come and gone.  We only had 25 kids, but that was 8 more than last year.  All polite, some so very little, a little lion comes to mind, who didn't really even want anything, he just wanted to look.  So adorable.  They all came, hunkered under their umbrellas since we on the Wet Coast were under a rain warning. 

Today, we are left with a few treats in the bowl, a pumkin, and various decorations to put away.  That is all that Remains of the Day!

Happy November 1st Everyone!

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